Infobusiness (information sale) gives the chance to earn in the Internet from 1000$ on a constant basis. But before entering on info-businessman way it is necessary to know its merits and demerits successfully to begin the start in this sphere.

The Internet opens the big possibilities to the simple people having the small income in real life to open the business in a global network. It is not a secret that Internet is considered one of the most popular and profitable ways of earnings. Infobusiness is a sale of the information in the form of electronic books, audio- or video – of courses, by means of downloading from a network from an author’s site after payment or transfer by mail on CD or DVD.

Infobusiness has started to grow in the beginning of the twenty first century. In the beginning in the USA and then has successfully taken positions in the Russian Internet as one of the most popular ways of earnings. What are advantages at infobusiness? It is possible to carry to them:

1. The minimum initial investments.

Money is necessary only on a hosting and 1-2 domains with rent at least for a year.
2. It is not necessary to be the great guru to create the infoproduct.

Certainly, it is well to be able to understand necessary sphere and area on which subjects you are going to make the information goods. The most important thing is to possess knowledge and skills which can really solve problems of people!
3. It is possible to put infobusiness on the autopilot.

Having created once the minisite and infoproduct it is necessary to sell it as soon as possible. The further work is reduced only to creation of copies of the goods, its dispatch to clients and rendering of consultations. It is possible to employ the person for small money to be engaged in sending and creation of copies of the goods and for dialogue with clients and answers to their questions to make a client site or a forum where careful work will be conducted with them. As a result it will be possible to come some times in a week on a client site, to answer new questions of clients and to have a rest other days or to be engaged in creation of the new manual.

Now, let`s consider infobusiness lacks. As you can guess there is only one, but very essential. It is a piracy. All is right if disks with the paid information simply sold in the usual markets.
The majority of usual Internet users have got used to swing all and all straight on the computer winchester: films, music, games and … paid infoproducts – audiolectures and videocourses.

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