Having read this heading how do you think what will be my answer? If you think that I will answer — easily you are mistaken.
I will tell — probably. I don’t belittle genius of some people who have reached of tops of professionalism. Also it is not necessary to dismiss and congenital talent of people. But I am assured of one that each of us can become the professional in any area which he for will choose himself.
The main thing that will help you is a work. Persistent work, and practice, practice, practice …

In schools, institutes we learn everything except the future trade. And only having got a job we understand that we are able nothing, a little that we know and we start to study on the new. I don’t urge you not to study, on the contrary. But it is necessary to give a special place to practice.

And now remember, how you learned to hammer in the first nail?

You after all didn’t buy and didn’t study the textbook «As it is necessary to hammer correctly in a nail». Probably such also doesn’t exist. You at the best saw as it do others, and then took a nail, a hammer and forward to training practice.

Training an expert and area narrowing in which we wish to reach result, that it is necessary to become the real professional. Notice area narrowing. In order to become the professional businessman it is necessary to seize in perfection one hundred knowledge, to become the master in one hundred small areas … If you will constantly practise it you necessarily become the best professional person.

It is necessary to become the professional in any narrow field of knowledge. The person can’t be equally strong in all areas. Begin with the simple. Learn to write articles. Write one thousand articles. Write every day. Publish them. Write on the set themes. You will earn good money for your articles. Don’t trust, take and check up.

All Internet is broken into millions, billions small fields of knowledge. In each of them, the experts are necessary. So choose the area or as it still is called in the Internet, “niche”. And always practice, practice!

For some kinds of works it is necessary to look simply how it was made by others. Try to understand why they have made so. Compare different people, achieve identical results using absolutely various ways and methods. Search for more optimum decision. You using a private experience will find original decisions of any problems.

At this moment you will become the professional.

Make on the contrary, without reckoning with opinion of “guru” and “senseis” and who has told that it is necessary to do it and in any way differently, who has told that it is an axiom and there are no other decisions. Here when you will start to ask yourselves such questions, put a problem and carry out it, consider that you are the real professional.

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