Initially internet marketing was all about building a website and putting up banner advertisements on the other websites. The website with the appropriate text content, video and audio features and image inclusions is indeed a great option of reaching out to the global audience and informing them about the company’s services or products, their features and so on. The website remains the main building block of the internet marketing these days, but now it is being blended with the key website promotion strategies to reach all the advertising targets.

– Search engine marketing

It is the process advertising or marketing a website through the main search engines. For search engine marketing you have to use two various approaches namely pay per click advertising and search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a website promotion strategy that involves the website’s organic ranking in searches based on the chosen keywords or keyword phrases and attracts more web traffic. If you run an internet business, then search engine optimization is something that you just cannot go without.

Pay per click advertising that appears as links next to the organic results on search engine result pages traditionally involves listing a website by bidding on the keywords and keyword phrases. Pay per click calls for the methodical keyword selection and optimization so that the keywords match with the search terms that are used by the target audience and capably improve web traffic.

The other quite popular search engine marketing strategy is pay for inclusion.

– Email marketing

Email marketing is a way of conveying information about the service or product through the email. After the initial glitch, email marketing has been effectively used for the website promotion. Today, of course, it is permission based email marketing that is being practiced and internet businesses are using the opt in lists, providing your customers with the right to refuse further communication.

E-commerce newsletters and mass mailing are two quite popular email marketing strategies.

– Banner advertising

It is an internet marketing strategy that revolves round the placing dynamic graphic advertisements in other websites. Users ask clicking these links in order to open your website.

– Online promotion strategies

Various online promotion strategies or social media marketing methods as posting comments, blogs and your opinions as well as press releases that are related to your service or product in different discussion forum are effective internet advertising process. In fact, article marketing involves listing articles in different article directories, article banks and article repositories.

These are just some of the of the most effective internet marketing strategies that work on a personal level in order to promote a website, improve the web traffic as well as add to the profitability of the internet business.

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