You have created the site and want to earn money with its help on the Internet. Is it real?

Don’t listen to those who speaks to you: “On the Internet it is impossible to earn”. It is possible to earn if to do the business correctly.

What does mean correctly?

Well, at first, it is necessary to sell something in order to earn money: the labor, the knowledge, any goods, the space on the site. If your site is visited simply also by you don’t undertake any attempts to sell something with the site – on what you can complain?!

Find what you can offer for money to visitors of your site.

For example, you allocate on your site various electric circuits to home appliances. To whom are these circuits necessary, in other words, who does visit your site? – People who want to understand interiors of the technics, for example. Means, the various information on home appliances repair will be interesting to them.

In the E-commerce shop I have met about 50 names of the books devoted to a structure and repair of various home appliances. Turn on in the partner program of this shop – and offer books to your visitors. Here even constant efforts is not necessary to apply – make the interesting text, deliver, the necessary references – and be engaged in another matters.
Not only private persons are interested in the similar circuits allocated on your site but also the firms implementing home appliances.

Very often at such firms there are repair services which lack such information as a structure and home appliances repair. They will be interested too by the literature offered by you.

Except circuits you can collect on a site the instruction to home appliances. You can make the review of instructions available free. And here search of the necessary instruction to the specific device – can fulfill for money. And where you can take such instructions? Agree with local large shop of home appliances. You will take at them for a while this or that instruction (scan the image you can for one evening) and in exchange for it will specify on the scanned instruction advertizing of the given shop.

You can enter one more paid service on the site – transfer of instructions from English language. You can translate and agree with any local translator.

You can create one more product – a database about vendors and suppliers of various home appliances, and also about service centers.

If you know well home appliances and are able to repair it you can teach it others. You can write on your site: “I will teach you to profitable business – to home appliances repair”. I do not know, how in other cities, but in my 80-thousand city one expert in repair of import washing machines – and it in great demand works only. Though we in a city have a so-called service center on home appliances repair, but all clients after that center go to the above-named expert – to lead up the technics to up state.
You can write the manual: “1001 malfunction of your washing machine (the refrigerator, the vacuum cleaner…) and methods of their elimination”. And to sell this manual from your site.

“But I am not able to repair washing machines, therefore I can not write any manual” – you will tell.

But something you are able? You understand electric circuits if you have created and conduct a similar site? Rummage in the head – that you know such what is not known by other people and what it would be interesting to them to learn?

Each person is able for something. And if isn’t able – it is capable to learn something.

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And once you have nice targeted traffic – then “making money with adsense” questions become very easy.

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