In order to create the business in the Internet which won’t crack on the first time and which will be effective and please you with new material receipts it is necessary to think over set of the moments … So … how to create the business in the Internet? …

First, with an empty place you will not begin, it is necessary to organize the platform. As in a mode “offline” the office is necessary to you to create the business, so in the Internet first of all the site is necessary. Without it you can’t construct anything serious. For this purpose execute a site or order it.

At creation of a site for business in the Internet it is necessary to consider its primary orientations: a direction and audience. The design should correspond in “a voluntary-compulsory” order to these criteria.

Besides, try, that navigation and the information were as much convenient as possible and easy for acquaintance. At all thus huge weight has speed of loading of pages on the computer of the user. That is the sizes of components of your design should be as small as possible.

Then such means, as the organization of means of payment and fulfillment of fast purchases will be necessary for you. It is better if all it is organized in a mode “automatic machine”. Because, if the buyer for transaction fulfillment should address on your e-mail he hardly will want to lead up conceived up to the end. Payment means should be various and satisfy to possibilities of the big contingent.

Provide safety means as well in order your site hasn’t cracked, and you haven’t lost money and the buyers. Wishing to enrich it don’t save on this point.
Here now, when the platform is ready to create the business in the Internet it is necessary only to organize the goods or services. If you still don’t have ideas you can have some advices.

You can use the site for attraction of the visitors interested in services which you can offer. It can be copywriting, both web design and online consultations. In a word everything you are in forces to offer.

If to you sales of the goods are closer it is possible to offer e-books, managements, video and audio-lessons from electronic kinds. The main thing is that you have the rights to their sale.

It is possible to choose mobile phones, the personal computer from the offline-goods, netbooks, etc. But here you should also get accessible and fast possibilities of delivery in many regions.

Last moment is attraction of buyers. For this purpose you will need to adjust promotion and site advancement on the Internet, to organize own advertizing company.

That’s all steps creating the business in the Internet. So go forward…

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