Define once – normal earnings in the Internet are possible only if you have the site. This is a basic high-performance tool. And if you plan to earn without it – it will be very difficult.

This article is about something else – just for those who understand that the site is needed but does not know how to approach to its creation. Let’s try to understand – what are the sites and why they are needed.
Sites are different: the number of pages – and multi-one-page (from a few pieces to several thousand pages). By purpose: selling (from single-to online shops), thematic centers, blogs, forums, services, news sites, etc.
As you can see a range of purposes and applications are very wide. So even before the creation of the site it is necessary to determine: which task will execute your site. If we want to sell e-book, program or service that sells single-sufficient site.

Perhaps this is the easiest type of site – only one page of text and graphics (well, there may be a couple more pages, order / payment). It creates such a site or using HTM – editor, or with a simple programs Mini Site Generator PRO.
The thematic center is often needed for the site -. The task of such a site is to provide visitors with qualitative information on the relevant subject. An example of such a thematic site can be some web site: Employment and earnings on the Internet at home.
Usually this site has articles (such as copyrights and other), books, lessons, etc, maybe a forum or a blog.

How to implement technically?
How can we realize the establishment of sites in the form of a thematic center? Once you have decided on the theme, it is possible to define and create technology. The site of this type can be created (I mean on your own):
With “zero-in which any editor”
With the help of services – website builder
With CMS
Using HTML or FLASH website templates

1) “zero-in which any editor” – is clearly not a quick way. You need to understand the HTM and CSS. You must be able to do layout and at least a design. Conclusion: it is not for beginners. But the task is to quickly launch site for a living. If you have the desire and time to learn – we take the most sensible leadership and forward …
2) Use the services of designers sites – for example on the basis of
Almost the same can be said about other services of site builder – you can work out, but the site will not go to earn – it’s already checked. In general, a free service is hosting or initially unacceptable designer.
3) With the help of CMS. CMS is a content management system. Plus, it allows once to spent time on installation, in the future quickly enough to update the site – adding articles, news, etc.
Typical examples are blogs, news sites, many online retailers. If you plan to start a blog yourself and make it (such as contextual advertising or selling links) – then perhaps that decision is justified. Take the engine Word Press, choosing a template (there are hundreds if not thousands – and all are for free) – and go forward.
4) Using HTML or FLASH website templates. Perhaps the most viable option in terms of ease of execution and the final result. Ready pattern allows to create quickly a website with minimal HTML knowledge.

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