You have decided to begin the business in the Internet and you are ready to this step, but your monetary possibilities are limited? Don`t worry, there are some ways to save up money and to create thus the worthy project.
Don’t think that only the project which from the very beginning is perfectly provided can be profitable. And that is why:

1. First of all it is necessary to find a gold vein. Your startup should be to the actual, necessary people, widely known. Don’t undertake with what are interested a lot of people, in hope to get from it the big profit. It is good enough guarantee of that you shouldn’t be spent once again for advertizing or to bury the project in which many forces, time and money which hasn’t taken place in view of the uselessness are enclosed.

2. Try to consult independently with the work. It means that hired workers should be employed only in cases if you feel that you are not in time or already start to lose the forces. Don’t take the first comer. After it you can find out so good expert, but cooperation with him can appear more favourable to you rather than with previous. Approach to this choice thoughtfully and seriously.

3. Don’t resort at once to way of advertizing for which it is necessary to pay. At the beginning you can quite be engaged in advertizing of the project independently, specify the reference to the site in the profiles in social networks, in blogs and on other resources, ask the friends to advertize your project, tell about it the acquaintance and let your friends too share news with associates. If you have a lot of acquaintances it is the big plus. The method “the friend has told to the friend, and that one has told to one more friend“ actually works perfectly.

4. Watch quality of the service, the goods and services. You can be a little known, but it at all doesn’t grant to you the right to be irresponsible. You shouldn’t have “shadowy past” when you sold poor-quality production or badly served clients. Be reliable from the very beginning, leave the few clients happy with you. It is always possible to expand the activity but to dispel bad reputation will not be possible any more.
5. Study projects of the colleagues and competitors. Don’t plagiarize at all, but it is always possible to get hand in and study something from them. Absorb in yourself as a sponge everything that seems to you useful as now and in the future. Write down, keep the thoughts, ideas. All it can sooner or later be useful to improve your business. It is free, but is invaluable.

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