Let’s get right to the point, you are reading this article since you want to know how to earn money online while working from home. Therefore, you will have to know two things:

1.) What legitimate ways you will find to earn money online

2.) What to watch out for to avoid being scammed

In this article I will let you know exactly that. First, I am going to give you 5 legitimate ways to make money online. Second, I will provide you with two tips when you follow may prevent you from being scammed.

5 Legitimate Methods to Make Money Online While A home based job

Online Surveys: This can be a great business model for those of you out there that are only looking for a little extra money while a home based job. I am not likely to lie to you; this is a very difficult business design to earn money with. The concept behind e-commerce model is the fact that big companies will pay you to definitely take survey’s which will take you 20-40 min a piece to accomplish.

The problem with this model is the fact that it is very difficult to find these paid survey opportunities which most of them pay only a few dollars. However, if you have some time on your hands and wish some extra money this might be for you.

Internet affiliate marketing: Very simply put, affiliate marketing is the place you sell someone else’s product after which get a paid a commission for doing this. The benefits for this are that you don’t need a website or e-mail list. The disadvantages are that it’s sometimes difficult to find a product that well sell, and you are only get paid a portion from the purchase price. However, this is the way I would suggest beginners begin to generate income. It’s the easiest, and requires the lowest investment. I’d make certain and seek out some internet affiliate marketing training though to help you get started.

Multilevel marketing: For those of you that do not understand what network marketing is, it’s the business design that Amway was based from. Essentially, you make money when people purchase products directly from you (rather than say….Wal-Mart) and when you recruit people and help them learn to do the same. It is an old business model and can be considered a big profit center for the right individual.

The type of person that will be a master at multilevel marketing may be the “social butterfly”. The person who is definitely talking and loves meeting new people. The reason for this really is that you’ll want to speak to many people about your business to recruit them. So naturally, the greater people you speak with, the greater which will buy products of your stuff, and hence sell these products for you personally.

Creating Your personal Product: Creating your own product requires by far the most setup, but it’s also the most rewarding. This is not a business model I would suggest for novices seeking to generate income while a home based job. When creating your personal product you have to develop your personal website, sales cart, and product. All of these things take time and may cost you a lot of money to pay someone else to complete if you do not know what you’re doing.

The company plan is just what the name implies. You create your own product, market it, and then sell on it online. Sound easy right?? Again, great potential, tough to setup.

eBay: It is really an oldie but a goodie, because everyone is able to do it! Selling things on e-bay involves establishing an e-bay account after which searching your home for anything that might be valuable to someone else but isn’t for you. Sure there is really a learning curve in setting up your ad postings on eBay but it’s relatively low when compared with other ways to make money online.

E-commerce model is a great option for those who have a lot of what might be valuable items and want some temporary income.

Two Methods to Make sure you Don’t Get Scammed

Now that you be aware of most popular ways to generate income, the time has come to successfully don’t jump in and get scammed. Using the economy the actual way it is right now there are more scams than ever, especially online. So here are couple of things that you can do to ensure it does not happen to you:

1.) Don’t ever purchase anything online before doing a Google search for “Products Name Review” ‘This provides you with a listing of hundreds of people that have already tried this product, and if a good number of people say it is a scam…..it likely is! So read the reviews that come on Google and make sure you read more than just one.

2.) Get rid of the “Get Rich Quick” mentality. It doesn’t happen online despite what you are able have heard. More often than not when individuals get scammed for the reason that there is a “Get Rich Quick” mentality. Do not do it, and do not contain it, because that’s Precisely what the majority of the scammers target audience is. If something sounds too good really was, it’s!

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