Your working environment when you set up your home business has to realize numerous different aspects. From comfortable to inviting you to work fully to allowing you to keep the records that you need, there are lots of different objectives you want to pull off.

A comfortable environment
If your chair and desk are uncomfortable and you are supposed to be work from home full time, then within a short time you might be suffering health problems. From a sore back to a stiff neck, you need to take time to make sure that that your environment is correctly laid out to make sure that a comfortable working environment. Working with your feet up on the sofa with a laptop on your knees may sound luxury, but the bad posture position will soon pay its toll on your health.

Be sure that your chair is the correct height for you and that your desk is positioned with your keyboard and screen directly in front of you, at a comfortable height.

Inviting to work
Get up in the morning and look at your desk. Are you going to sit down and start working on time, or are you going to wander down stairs and watch morning TV for some hours? Your working environment must tempt you in to it.

What will inspire you into your ‘office’ and to your desk. I have a fish tank in my office that at the very least needs food dropping in and the lights switching on. What will draw you into the office and get you working? Possibly a photo of your family or something that reminds you of what you are working for?

Able to work
The work at home environment has to be sufficient to allow you to carry out the work and the record keeping about it. For example, on the records side you will need to be able to keep copies of invoices that you have paid and charged to customers.

You also need space to fulfil your job. If you are blogging or affiliate marketing then you need space for the computer. But over that you may also need several space to leave notes of what you plan to do tomorrow and the day after, perhaps space to lay out what you are talking round.

If you are creating a product then you need space to store the completed products, package them up and to ready them for despatching. Without this, you just will not be able to function!

The importance of your environment
Having a comfortable environment protects your health; having an inviting environment draws you in and encourages you to work and having a satisfactory space allows you to actually carry out the tasks you need to do.

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