Our world today is filled with ordinary men and women who were not born with “silver spoon” but have transformed their life and become wealthy by simply acting on and marketing a simple idea. A very well known example is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire and founder of Facebook, Mark Suckerberg. At age 20, when he founded Facebook in 2004, he was just developing a software to publish annual directory with photos (called Facebook) for Harvard University students. Today, in just six years of existence, that idea has grown to be a household phenomenon for connecting with friends and loved ones and boasted of over 400 million worldwide users during their sixth year anniversary last week. Mark, today, from nothing is personally worth over USD $2 billion. And, I believe that your success story in business and career is the next in line to be told!

Friend, you and I need the foresight, ideas and wisdom that will address the myriad of problems (economic, social, political, educational, health, environmental etc) in the world today for wealth to flow in our direction. We cannot just talk about problems; we should be a solution thinker and provider. Let me share some vital points on how to think your way to riches:

(i) Ideas are born out of coordinated thinking: Idea’s come to our mind through thoughts. What do you do when an idea cross your mind? Majority of people simply ignore them. Until you coordinate the thoughts that are communicated to your mind, great ideas cannot be born. A Successful home based business , however, can open doors to your lifetime breakthrough.

(ii) Spend time alone regularly for thinking and reflection: Sometimes our thoughts come to us when we are alone or laying on the bed. Great ideas can come in unusual places – while on bed, in the car, in the toilet, bathroom etc, and so watch out for it and dedicate time at the close or beginning of everyday to think and reflect.

(iii) Wealth follows wisdom: Having the idea alone is not sufficient to be wealthy, applying your ideas correctly to meeting a need or solving a problem in the world is what gathers wealth to you. The wisdom of knowing how to do a thing is what guarantees results.

(iv) Cultivate your skills: Start today on an opportunity to develop your skills; and provide you the ability to brand yourself. Receive Successful home based business ideas that will impact the world and take you to the top of your career and business

We need some financial intelligence to attain financial independence. We need to know how to multiply our income. We need to have a vision and focus on what we want. Then we can rapidly increase our income and attain our goal of financial independence. You also need to uncover other financial streams or means to multiply your income in your chosen career beyond salary. Demand something more than wages such as targeted skills and training that could become your assets when you decide to quit and be your own boss. Most rich people make their money outside of monthly paycheck. For example, Tiger Wood, who is reckoned to be the richest sportsman in the world today, make most of his money from designing Gulf courses and through company products endorsement than what he is payed playing golf.

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