If you’re acquiring ready to launch a web site or re-launch your web site, then you’ll find some things that you are able to do to make the entire procedure go smoother. I’ve looked via my notes of various issues that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you’re going to re-launch an existing site, there’s absolutely no need to re-submit your website to the search engines as lengthy as your site’s internet pages are obtaining crawled on a typical basis. That certainly will be the key–make certain your web site is obtaining crawled and your pages are obtaining indexed. If your internet site is already getting indexed well then I would continue to update your web pages on a regular basis and add new pages as required (if you are not performing that already).

If you are going to be utilizing any off-line marketing to promote your website then I would ensure that you own all the misspellings of your domain name–and ensure they redirect using a 301 Permenant Redirect just in case individuals get confused by what they read or hear and type in the wrong domain name.

To start with, blogging is among the easiest ways to advertise your website’s existence. By creating numerous blogs and updating them periodically, it is possible to gain visibility in the search engines even prior to your website is ready to be launched. Produce various blogs based on distinct aspects of your website’s core organization, and present some informative content that can attract the attention of Google and other search engines. It will not take you very long to establish which blogs are doing the most effective on the Google rankings, and thus which ones you ought to be spending the most time on. Commenting on other blogs, and which includes a backlink to your web site, is yet another wonderful method to increase your visibility.

I would start writing articles and content that will be employed to help promote the website and products–then get them ready to submit to different on-line publications whenever you start the re-launch. This would include having a list of quotes from your company’s owners and executives so you’ll be able to have them ready for articles and reporters/journalists that could begin contacting you. Do not forget to have numerous press releases written–start compiling a list of contacts at a variety of media outlets so it is possible to simply send out the press releases and phone them.

Obviously, you’ll find numerous other reasonably inexpensive ways to further promote your website before its launch, but these are among the most commonly employed – and have proven their worth time and once more. The days whenever you could get away with just submitting your website to a search engine are lengthy gone. Today’s search engines value content and expertise a lot more than ever, and to take advantage of those high search engine rankings as well as the visitors that they attract, you have to be that content-providing expert.

Make sure your internet host is prepared for the extra site visitors the website might obtain. I’ve seen too many websites who launched their web site or re-launched their site–and then in a day or two their web site went down due to the fact there was too a lot of a load on the server. Or the internet hosting business wasn’t expecting the sudden surge in web visitors.

Have a distinct list of executives at your firm who are able to do radio and tv interviews–make positive they’re ready to talk to the press.

This is definitely just several of the issues that may be performed prior to you launch your site. You’ll find certainly much more items to take care of, and I will detail those in a follow-up article.

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