I work from home and generally, the experience has been great, still it wasn’t always like that. Mostly because I used to be fairly clueless concerning online marketing, like countless other people.

After feeling sorry for myself for a while I started studying as well as asking questions which helped put me on the correct road to making profits on the Internet.

Listed below are a handful of tips which could be very helpful. I will focus on where I screwed up.

Work At Home Tip #1: Study Good Marketers

I started my first website assuming Internet marketing was simple. After several months with zero positive results I admitted to myself that the time had come to learn tips on how to market on the Internet.

While you are studying Internet marketing you’ll want to be contemplating hobbies you currently have. Being in position to start using a interest to make money will make your marketing learning research a whole lot more pleasant.

Work At Home Tip #2: Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Enthusiasm can keep you going strong till too much is taken on at one time. That’s when online marketing gets too much to handle. It could quickly pop the motivational balloon.

When this happened to me I soon found myself over my head. I was working at home however I had been working far more than I did working for others. Incidentally, that wasn’t my goal.

Work From Home Tip #3: Do Not Try For Top Level Niches, Opt For Sub-Niches

Going for upper level markets was what I did. The end result was little to no targeted traffic producing no income.

As I began researching I discovered longtail keyword phrases and localizing search results. What a difference in results.

Here is an example: Here are 2 keyword phrases. One would more than likely take a number of years to acquire traffic and ranking. The second could get traffic in short order.

Keyword Phrase One: bass fishing
Keyword Phrase Two: bass fishing in (my location)

Keyword One displays about three million pages in Google. I am currently no where to be found.
Keyword Two shows approximately 100,000 competing pages in Google. I have first page results for lots of of longtail keywords.

I’ve got a number of niches which, now have placement for major keyword phrases making profits.

Work At Home Tip #4: Network With Online Marketers In Your Market, Starting NOW!

You could find working at home long and lonely so begin communicating with like minded online marketers. It helps to keep focused.

Find Niche Related Forums

Search for community forums in your area of interest. However with with forums it’s easy to find yourself hooked, wasting a lot of time. Make forum sessions productive and quick.

1. Socialize
2. Seek Advice
3. Answer Questions
4. Do Not Spam

Find Relevant Blogs To Comment On

Remain focused whenever writing comments.

I use Bloglines for reading RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to. I can see the blogs and number of posts I haven’t read. A real time saver.

Three guidelines to make help to make commenting most efficient.

1. Digest the post then write a value added comment.

2. Those who comment first often get the most responses.

3. Providing a relevant hyperlink helps you get your comment accepted more often than non related links.

Note: Almost all blogs use nofollow for comment hyperlinks. NoFollow informs the major search engines not to follow your hyperlink. Therefore the only attention you will get is from blog readers.

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