In order for you to be able to make a comfortable living while you work from home you need to make sure your business plan is economically feasible. It will not matter how creative or ingenious you think your idea is-and it might very well be-if no one is convinced it will benefit them in any way.

Therefore, when you set out to free your self from corporate bondage (not that its wrong to have a nice cushy office with a leather chair, but sometimes that is not all it is cracked up to be)…remember this…

You need to offer something practical to your clients or customers. For instance, can you provide the same efficient great services for a more economical rate? Can you provide higher quality products that your consumers would want to buy?

In any case, you need to find a need within the community and fill it. This is true whether you go local or you run an international operation.

Ideas for Sale

There are many, many chances to work at home and make a comfortable income. These are some of the most popular ideas for sale today:

Greeting card/e-card business-You might be working on the design end and creating templates for suppliers and manufacturers. Either that or you would perhaps self-publish your own greeting cards to consumers and even start your own mailing services. This service is likely to bring in a profit, and you may even want to tap into the e-card industry.

Grant writing service-When you work in this capacity you are serving countless organizations and businesses looking for funds. If you are a great writer and know how to put together an attractive business plan and grant proposal you can make quite a bit of money as a grant writer. You would either work as a freelancer and get paid by the job or you may find a work at home position though an employer.

Childcare provider-This is a more involved type of work at home operation. You need to be properly certified to work in this position. You also need to bring your home up to code so that it meets the standards of the locality where you live.

This is all done so that you can provide a safe, warm, and inviting atmosphere for children-so that clients can trust you with them. You would be operating like a regular day care center only out of your home.

Tax preparer-Oftentimes skilled professionals branch out on their own using their expertise as a CPA to help people with their taxes. The major difference is that now they are their own boss and do not need to answer to an employer.


This is only a very small list of work from home jobs and services that can be provided at home. You can also market your sewing expertise, start a broker business, or offer web design services.

The possibilities are endless. The best part about working at home is the fact that the cost of running a business is much lower. You can also still protect yourself (remain private) if you conceal your identity while you acquire clients online.

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