You’ve seen the ads…”Make Free Money Blogging!” or “Earn Instant Money With Your Blog!”

There are legitimate ways to make money with a work at home blog, but please lose the hype. If you genuinely want to make money with blogging, you will have to put a considerable amount of time and patience in your blog to even begin to experience profit from your efforts. A successful blog can’t be established overnight. It will take real work, time, and perseverance to reap rewards.

Below are 5 tips you should know before starting and establishing a blog

* Professional layout – Firstly you want a nice and organized layout that is navigation friendly. Refrain from using a lot of flashy graphics. These will only distract your readers. People visit blogs to read them and find out what they have to offer. A straight forward professional layout with easy navigation is key for a successful blog.

* Consistent updating – Keeping your work from home blog updated with new entries is crucial to your blogging success. The search engines love new content. If you frequently enter new high quality blog posts, the better chances you will have at ranking high in search engines, and thus creating the desired traffic.

* Monetizing your blog – There are a number of ways in which you can make money with your blog. The most widely used are with Google AdSense, FeedBurner, and affiliate programs. The best known affiliate programs are Amazon, ClickBank, and Commission Junction. Also if you are in direct sales, you can make money with product reviews.

* Comment on other blogs – Of course if you are going to make money with your blog, you will need traffic. Reading and commenting on other blogs that pertain to your own blog and/or niche will get you that traffic if done in the proper way. If you participate with spamming your inks all over the place on blogs, this will definitely discourage any viewers from clicking on and reading your blog. Use comments the correct way and offer support, advice, and try and get to know your fellow bloggers. Your link will take care of itself from your name you use with your blogging account.

* Social marketing – Social marketing is all over the place. You can socialize on forum boards, Twitter, FaceBook, and other social network sites. For me, my favorites are Twitter and forums. Others experience success with the other social sites such as MySpace and Linkedln. You must practice proper social etiquette on all the above to get the most profit out of it. Again, it all goes back to spamming. People don’t like it and as a result, will not do business with you.

The above tips are the basics of using a blog and making money with it. Remember, proper socializing and monetizing is key with blogging success.

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