Internet videos are an increasingly popular phenomenon. They’re used for everything from marketing businesses and promoting services to online interactive resumes and for entertainment purposes. So, if you’re looking to make an internet video, what should you look for in a good web presenter? Firstly, and perhaps predictably, you need to make sure your presenter is personable and approachable. This means that people will be more likely to identify with them and, through that, with what the video is trying to say.

You also want to be sure that your video will be welcoming to people and that anything that needs explaining will be done well, so this is another key attribute of a good web presenter. It’s important that the presenter can get information across in a conversational manner so people feel like they’re being spoken to one on one and are drawn into the presentation. This is vital as otherwise people may feel that they are being lectured at, no matter how accurate the information, which can put them off.

A lot of internet videos are used for some sort of marketing campaign. This means you need to come across well and that your speech should be impeccable so whatever you’re talking about also shines. You can do this by taking care to use correct grammar as this will create a good impression withal audiences. Also take care to ensure your speech is clear and your diction is good, as making sure your words are clear will also help the message of the video come across as it is intended.

To be a good web presenter, you should also know what you’re talking about. If you’re relying on reading from a script then you’ll be less able to sell the video convincingly and audiences will be put off. If you find yourself presenting a video on a topic you know nothing about, do a bit of research to make sure you at least have a good grasp of the basics as this will instill confidence in your viewers and make them more likely to believe what you’re saying.

One final thing you need to do to be a good web presenter is to know how much to say and when. Of course, you need to expand on certain points for any audience members who may be interested, but as a general rule, internet videos should be kept fairly brief to reduce the chances of people turning off before you’ve got all the information across. You should, therefore, be clear and concise and make sure you deliver the key points in a short space of time.

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