Recently it became fashionable among the enterprises to create the pages on the Internet. Yes, it is prestigious and modern. Such business model as the personal page allows to give to the enterprise attractive image to inform important convergence of created by him production and services. The number of Internet users promptly grows. If we address to daily updated statistics we will see that the enterprises on the Internet quantitatively are high on the list.

And still, in order to be at least on a step ahead of competitors the companies should reconsider their policy of presence at the Internet, especially from the point of view of usage of advantages of electronic commerce.

The Internet abolishes distances. Using the Internet we can freely be moved in space and considerably save time. Saving time we generate additional growth of profit.

Enormous and inexpensive information resources of the Internet allow to increase repeatedly information volume about any enterprise including advertizing.

Besides, the Internet promotes standardization of production, document circulation unification.

The competitive logic of electronic commerce is logic of the Internet. Thanks to an output in “World Wide Web” suppliers compete any more to two or three well-known competitors – neighbors, and with all companies in the world which have own page and offer similar production or service. Thus, electronic commerce increases intensity of a competition and promotes production improvement of quality, its finishing to the highest world standards.

In the past sellers had advantage before buyers because frequently they knew more – about the product, costs of its manufacture, about presence of raw materials and details, about efficiency of production and many other things. The Internet unites the enterprise and private persons for an information exchange, creates original “virtual community” in which it is possible to learn quickly all underlying reason of the goods interesting you or service.

Electronic business drifts accent of a competition from privacy – towards a transparency and an openness. Market parameters of any goods or service become completely comparable, advantages and limitation of each sentence are evident and obvious.

And, though, electronic commerce strengthens a competition and weakens out-of-date ways of obtaining of advantage in the market, during too time it creates conditions for usage of new methods of a competition. In particular, lightning feedback on the Internet – from the client and to the client – provides the companies unprecedented earlier with means for the extension of availability of their sentences. Implementors and sellers always transfer a quantity of the information to manufacturers and product providers. Without such feedback it is difficult to present any business.

Electronic commerce allows to reach the highest level of standardization of production. It is promoted by an interactive information exchange between various subdividings of one enterprise including between rather remote. Requirements on design and the specification of components, tracing of production costs, control of logistical operations, service setting, advices about resolution of the arisen conflicts – all it simplifies and accelerates the Internet.

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