Electronic commerce will change modern life as the Internet has changed the environment of dialogue and access to the information.

In trade the basic profit the information (always gave knowledge of market condition, knowledge of manufacturers and so forth). The Present stage with its explosive development of technologies does this factor solving.

The newest tendency is trade in programs (while cheap) through the Internet. For this purpose there are all means and preconditions. But this scheme generate many legal and commercial problems. After all it is necessary to define who should pay taxes, the dealer who has sold the program or firm the developer. And mutual relations between the dealer and the developer need to be settled somehow as reliable control over the sold quantity of copies of the program is necessary. Where here a customs place (while boxes with programs were on sale, were accompanying papers on which it was possible to put after gathering payment a stamp “Customs has given OK”? Similar problems wait for developers and sellers of computer games, musical CDs and DVD-disks, and in the long term very much many other goods.

Development of electronic trade is promoted by widespread systems a warehouse-shop. Here the warehouse and shop can have the general owner. These structures have no direct relation to electronic trade, but at their creation some problems were solved and programs which can find application in electronic commerce were created.
On specificity of interaction of the seller and the buyer some areas of business are allocated. Interactions concern such areas client-client P2P (Person-to-Person), seller-buyer B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and businessman-businessman B2B (Business-to-Business).
Scheme P2P works at sale of old components of the COMPUTER, books, handicraft products and so forth their owners, at an exchange and purchase-sale of various subjects by collectors, and also at rendering of services in repair to adjustment of the difficult household equipment or, for example, in sphere of individual training.

Scheme B2C is represented to more perspective, almost all Internet shops concern this class. Perhaps, it was a little premature. Some bookshops, trade in home appliances, works of art, medicines have remained. Some Internet auctions which on the function are something an average between B2C and P2P try to survive. It is necessary to pay attention that almost all of them don’t use network payment systems. In many cases absence of commercial success is connected by that such shops don’t give superprofits but reception demands licenses and other initial investments. Also absence of sufficient solvent demand at that part of the population which is familiar with technologies the Internet here concerns and has access to it, undeveloped credit and bank systems.

The area В2В covering wholesale trade by medicines, metals, oil products, building materials has appeared more successful. But even here this business strongly differs from similar activity, say, in the USA.

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