Let’s talk about earnings on the Internet such as: copywriting, rewriting, transfer. Many who repeatedly visit the Internet at least ones were interested in earnings in a network. In most cases this interest comes to an end with full disappointment, especially after the first tests to earn on sponsors, after purchase of business packages on earnings and so on …

Actually there are a lot of ways of real earnings in a network, but the majority of them demand financial investments.

But there is also a decent way to earn absolutely without investments – a copyright, rewriting.
The copyright is a unique text of own composition. Did you write the composition at school? Here is all the same. Each person at least in something more or less is educated: someone in cars, someone in cookery, others in a fashion, an interior, furniture, art, history etc.

And so, if to express competently the thoughts, thus to print them, it is possible to earn not bad money.

If someone does not have imaginations it is possible to rewrite.
Rewrite is a processing of any text, article. You simply read article, and then write the same only in other words, by the own words.
These articles cost cheaper but also it is possible to earn on them.

Is the earnings principle clear? And who will buy articles? Your articles will be bought, don’t doubt, it is necessary to be registered only on one of articles stock exchanges and to try.
The best and popular stock exchanges of a copyright in a Runet are considered Textsale, Advego and Texttrader.

Simply be registered on one of these stock exchanges and start to sell the articles.
Before to start to work see all three stock exchanges. They differ from each other.

See articles of other copywriters, on what themes people write articles more often, especially pay attention to articles of skilled copywriters with a high rating.
Only it would be desirable for to warn earlier. Certainly, some can consider the information written by them, simply invaluable, but other people can think differently.

Don’t establish too high prices, there will be enough 1-1,2 dollars for 1000 symbols to begin with, and it is better at the beginning even less, for example 0,7-1 dollar. Such gradual approach promotes that you in the shortest terms will make the first sales, and the rating is very important, plus you accordingly will raise can estimate service work.

In due course you will join work, will get constant customers, will raise quality of articles then it is already possible to start to rise in the price gradually.

The given kind of earnings does not approach to all. It won’t approach idlers.
Copywriting is work for hardworking, competent and creative people. Good luck …

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