Internet marketing is the use of the internet as the medium. Its main purpose is to reach a specific market or connect to people in order to send an advertising message. Internet marketers formulate a strategy to use the various tools that are available on the internet to get the targeted market to perform a certain functions like to make a purchase, be a part of spreading awareness of the company or something else.

These days research is done on the various methods of internet advertising in order to find the best on that will be effective in garnering the most views as well as benefit people behind the internet marketing scheme.

You have to know that areas under the internet marketing are great and each of them has its own both advantages and disadvantages. The internet marketer has to decide with one will be the most suitable for his client from the following:

– Display marketing

Banner advertisements or online banners are demonstrated on the third party websites in order to advertise for the company.

– Email marketing

This is all about promotional emails that are traditionally sent to potential customers underlining the company’s offers as well as enticing them for a reaction.

– Interactive marketing

This is all about using the graphics, animation and mascots in order to encourage viewer participation.

– Search engine marketing

You have to know that companies could ensure their consistent appearance in the first page of major search engine results by the use of different search engine marketing technologies as paid inclusion, search engine optimization or paid placement.

– Viral marketing

In the case of viral marketing are involved into the sharing of product or company information to other potential customers. Video clips, interactive games as well as any other media which could be distributed among a group are few examples of viral marketing devices.

– Pay per click marketing

In fact, a company pays a chosen website, appealing to its targeted audience in order to carry its advertisements. Depending on the amount of people that click the advertisement, the website will be paid.

– Article marketing

A person or a company promotes their website or business via quality articles that could be displayed on different article directories. As a rule, the articles are topics related to the industry as well as contain links of the company’s website or business. In fact, reading your content. Visitors will find their way to the website or business.

Internet marketing has opened a lot of different possibilities for companies to reach masses with their advertising message. Businesses with a limited budget could use the various aspects of internet marketing to advertise their business, website, products or services.

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