You dream to organize the business in the Internet or simply to have additional earnings? But don’t know from what to begin? Quite probably that from all numerous trades on the Internet you will like the copywriting. We will tell directly that this work is not for all.

To become good copywriter it is not enough to be able to state the thoughts competently. It is necessary still to be able to think creatively (and it as you understand is given not to everyone). In addition, it is necessary to seize all subtleties and tools of this trade, and for this purpose it is necessary constantly to improve yourself, to learn and to perfect constantly the skill. And you, of course, will spend a little more than 1-2 hours at the computer per day.

But, irrespective of, whether you will work as copywriter or will select other kind of activity, undoubtedly, you will gain invaluable experience which is useful to you in the further work. So try the forces in this field. Suddenly you will open the talent of the copywriter?!

Copywriting… Now this word is on hearing and some years ago very few people knew all about it.

The wide circulation of advertizing of the goods was in Soviet period. But it costs nothing on a place. All flows, all changes… Our life during the last years also has strongly changed. The Internet with great strides gets into all spheres of our life and we any more don’t imagine life without the computer.
Business wide web has strongly taken the place in a world. Now only the lazy has no site or a blog. But, in order the people visit your site it is necessary to fill it with interesting and unique content. Here copywriters also get down to business. Certainly, you can write also texts for the advertizing or a site, but it is better, of course, if professionals do it.

If briefly copywriting is writing of the composition on the set theme. There is also rewriting – it is a statement of the text by the own words. Ready article is given to you, and you, by means of replacement of words by synonyms and shifts of offers, and even the whole paragraphs, give out absolutely new and unique article. Copywriters and rewriters write advertizing texts, slogans, scenarios of audio and videoclips. There is a question “who buys all these texts?”

Yes these goods are necessary to all who has sites, the Internet – shops. How much profitable is the work of the copywriter? The price here depends on article theme, from its complexity. And also from your rating, your work capacity and self-discipline. The prices can fluctuate from 0.5 to 5 dollars for 1000 signs. And even above.

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