Are you interested in this topic? You’re absolutely right! Man who spends long hours at the monitor needs to know what is the impact of the computer on the health.
We have tried to describe accessibly the occupational diseases of computer y to people unrelated to medicine, methods of prevention and treatment of these diseases, recognized and popular, alternative.
What kind of injury causes the computer and how to minimize this damage? How to maintain the beauty and health of the person who sits for days and nights behind the monitor, how to combine a healthy lifestyle and work at the computer?

The main hazards affecting the health of people working at the computer:

Sitting position.
It would seem that man is sitting in a relaxed pose at the computer, but it is forced and unpleasant: stiff neck, muscle heads, arms and shoulders, hence the excessive load on the spine, low back pain, and children – scoliosis. Those who have a lot of sitting between the chair seat and the body formed a kind of heat wrap which leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs as a consequence – prostatitis, hemorrhoids, diseases, treatment of which is a long and unpleasant.
Electromagnetic radiation.
Modern monitors are safe for health, but not completely. And if you have quite old monitor it is better to stay away from it.

Impact on vision.
His eyes register the finest vibration of the text or images, and even more screen flicker. Overloading the eye leads to loss of visual acuity. Poor vision affects an unfortunate choice of colors, incorrect position of your screen.

Overloading the joints of the hands.
This can cause damage to the articular ligaments and brush, and brush in the future may become chronic.

Stress in the loss of information.
Not all users make regular backups of their data. But viruses are not asleep, and drives the best companies, it happens, break, and the most skilled programmer can sometimes push the wrong button … As a result of stress the heart attacks occurred.

Dust and dirt: allergy and intestinal infections.
There are a lot of dust and dirt around the computer, it is often very difficult to remove it. All this can cause a variety of disorders – from allergies to the “disease of dirty hands.”

Computer and pregnancy.
Whether computers are dangerous for pregnant women? Of course, a computer can have some negative effects on pregnancy and fetal development, but how strong? There is no consensus among the doctors on this point.
Well-organized workplace, proper posture at work will help to minimize adverse effects on the health of your computer. Most computer users pay little attention to their workplace. If you have money, you have to buy more modern processor. Often the workplace is properly organized. Monitor is set low, poorly relative to light sources, hands on the keyboard are inconvenient … As a result, over time, users begin to complain of health problems and fatigue. Do not skimp on the workplace – it will result in savings on the health.

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