The basic truth of online business is attempting to make money online. This is why we create websites or blogs at least those that are business oriented and it is the pay off from all of our hard work. While in the online business world you may get frustrated by those who seem to be doing better than you or the ones who keep pushing their website towards you making you worry about your position within Google there is another completely different way of looking at your competition. These webmasters are out there learning and publishing their knowledge across the net. It is true that in the majority of cases you are going to be wanting to make it on your own. At first the competitors website will be like flies bugging you and usually you will not look deeper. After a while though you will wonder how they are doing so much better or have they have so many more readers. Your competitors whether you like it or not will become your teachers and once they do the knowledge of many will be at your finger tips.

When you first start looking at your teachers it may be a little overwhelming. The important part of learning is picking what you will learn first. Personally when I browse my niche I look for news. I want my blog to be the first or at least close to the first that publishes the news concerning my niche. Next it is good to see where your competitors/teachers are building links. Which area of the web are they using to promote products. The most usual way of promotion is through SEO. You can go to Yahoo type in SITE:competitorsurl and it will pull up a list of the backlinks acquired from multiple sources. This is your chance to gain backlinks from the same place that your teachers do.

Now after learning about your niche from the others it will be time to learn everything you can about online business and internet marketing. The biggest problem with learning these two subjects is they are somewhat new and constantly changing with new and better technologies. You must decide what will be the most productive path and stick with it. It is of course a good idea to get the basics especially when it comes to internet marketing. Such things as SEO, great content, and backlinks are what drives the internet. These core aspects concepts are some that have not changes since the creation of search engines. Learn all you can about these three things and no matter what you will be on the right path. Content is the most important of the three and should be considered top priority. If you write your content for your visitors to really help them then your website will succeed.

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