Internet marketing as the science does not only really exists but also promptly evolves. The modern market demands the qualified experts in the field, and demand of such experts will increase only.

What requirements should answer the professional Internet expert in marketing?

The first and obligatory criterion according to which professional level of the expert in Internet marketing is estimated is a certain set of base theoretical knowledge of principles of functioning the Internet including intelligent understanding of widely used terminology and possession of the basic network technologies at least at level of the user.
The second criterion means understanding of conceptual bases of classical marketing;

The third is presence of base knowledge in the field of working out of sites and web-design.

And, at last, two last components demand from the expert of possession so-called “warning knowledge”, that is the information that the practising Internet expert in marketing shouldn’t do, and also “inspiring knowledge” – the knowledge received as a result of the analysis and judgement of the most successful marketing projects realized in the Internet.

The fact that you are connected to the Internet, having defined for yourself a circle of problems which should be solved throughout a current communication session, says that you are able to put before yourselves the purpose and systematically to reach it and consequently, defines presence of predispositions to activity of the Internet expert in marketing.

On the contrary, in case your method of use of the Worldnet represents thoughtless web-surfing in hope casually to find “something interesting” you most likely should reconsider a certain part of own outlooks if you decide to select for yourselves this trade.

Are you in a condition to be engaged long in monotonous and routine work?

Contrary to the developed opinion, Internet marketing is in many respects regular and laborious work on gathering and the information analysis, drawing up of strategy, plans and reports. And for this purpose it is necessary to possess at least certain assiduity.

In spite of the fact that the Internet in enough high degree “depersonalizes” users allowing to carry on of dialogue in “an anonymous” mode, the Internet expert in marketing constantly should keep in touch with set of people unlike against each other, both by means of e-mail and with application of other methods of dialogue.

For this reason skill to communicate is one of necessary qualities which should be inherent in such expert.

Internet marketing is a process of continuous training, it is a permanent job on “pumping” through yourself of considerable volumes of the information. Educability and ability to the logic analysis will help you not to sink with this shoreless sea of the data.

There is an opinion that the average user of the Internet is “technician” by definition. Nevertheless, success of this or that Internet project is in many respects defined by the creative approach of its author to the decision of tasks in view.

According to practice, representatives of humanitarian trades are more inclined to it.

However whoever you were, the historian or the mathematician, professional or the novice user of the personal computer you have all possibilities to master a popular and profitable trade of the Internet expert in marketing. For this purpose is necessary only certain quantity of free time and desire to study.

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