Most people think about being able to make money online, but few reach a truly successful online business. This occurs for many different reasons and usually the most frequent is lack of knowledge or losing interest. If you want to start an online business then you must need a few things. The first is of course a functional computer, the second is an internet connection, and of course the desire to learn. With these three things you will be able to build a fully functional website or blog about any topic that you want.

There are many different free places that you can set up a free website or blog and begin making money. If you want to set up a website there are a few great free places to start. When I first set one up I used which allows you to have a large amount of space, a decent amount of bandwidth, and the best part is they do not display ads on your website. You will also need an html editor to both edit your html files and organize your website files and folder. There are many of different editors out there the best free one that I have found is Coffee Cup which you can find by doing a Google search. The next step is downloading a FTP program which will transfer files from your computer to your server. The best FTP I have found is File Zilla which you can find by doing a Google search.

The next step is putting content on the presence. You will need to chose a niche that you are passionate about making sure there is enough of an audience to make money. Use Adwords Keyword Tool to find the amount of traffic coming to specific keywords within your niche. Once you have a list of the top keywords use them in your content. You should also be starting to build links towards your new website. If you want to rank well for a certain term then you will need to build links in a certain way. For example if you want to rank well for the term “internet marketing” then between your anchor tags you will need to put the term internet marketing. This will tell google that the website you put your link on thinks your website is about internet marketing. It is also important to spread your anchor text out. What this means is if you build links that all say internet marketing Google and the other major search engines will quickly catch on an drop your website down into the SERPs. You want the links to appear as natural as possible so rather than only building links which have internet marketing between the anchor tags try having like ten or so keywords that you rotate. Some that are close to internet marketing include “free internet marketing”, “internet marketing tips”, “internet marketing information”, “learn internet marketing”, “internet marketing guide”, you get the picture.

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