In what consist the brightness of such commerce? In simplicity. There is nothing difficult in bungling such page. There is a color background in all screen, the elementary table practically from one cell is superimposed on it. Colors in the table undertake the most simple and the brightest – white, dark blue, red, well and black for the body text. Sometimes apply yellow color to a background of subtitles and responses of happy buyers of the sold goods.

I will not speak about the goods offered through given one-page commerce – they happen different, same different, as well as owners of the given pages (one extremely need to earn though a few money, others want to share with users with the helpful information, the third simply test one more method of sale of the goods). We will talk about possibilities and perspectives of such commerce.

As I spoke above, the very first advantage of the given mechanism of sale is simplicity of manufacture of page-presentation. Such page can be issued for one day even to the beginning user of the Internet. But the first trouble follows from this ease – monotony.

Aspiring to be selected young businessmen experiment the sizes of fonts, usage of other color gamma (though without red, dark blue and yellow normally nobody manages), but to avoid the second lack of one-page electronic commerce by it is not possible. As the page-presentation purpose is “to sell the goods right now” while the visitor hasn’t left from page it is necessary to suffice it for a hose and to shout in an ear: “Buy!!!”.

As far as I know, the mentality of our person is that that he doesn’t love when sellers run up to it in shop with questions: “Can I show something to you?” (We perceive it as “you should buy from us something!”). Our person comes to shop to look and select first of all independently WHAT to buy or not to buy generally. If he has come into your one-page e-commerce shop it doesn’t mean at all that he has come to BUY. He has come first of all to LOOK.

Why the western Internet experts in marketing convince us what it is necessary to capture immediately attention of the potential buyer and not to release it while he won’t pay? Yes because in the west all potential buyers have in a pocket credit cards with which he has got used to pay off both in real life and on the Internet. Besides actually he doesn’t pay for the goods, he doesn’t give the cash to cash register, he simply writes off a part of money from the card account. And that the western client has sent the sms (in other words – has paid purchase by a credit card), the western Internet experts in marketing don’t advise to sellers to specify the price in a forehead, they simply invite the visitor of page to visit the following (second) page, where he can easy fill the sms (read: accessories of the credit card) to receive the wished.

With our person such focus won’t transit as though we now exercised the wit in this direction. While our people haven’t got used to pay off for all with credit cards there was no public and conventional method of payment from the account of the mobile phone (also some kind of a credit card).

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