I’m gonna have a little fun on this post to my site. Have you ever noticed that those familiar little jokes about stupidity begin with “A blonde…..”? I have to admit some of those jokes are really funny and I am just as apt to laugh as the next person – even though I am blonde. However, I am not real fond of it when a guy who is a stranger or mere acquaintance comes up to me and says “Do you know why the blonde…..?” I go along with the joke and usually laugh. Then when they think they’ve got a good one on me because I’m blonde, I ask, “Do you know why guys tell so many blonde jokes?” They usually stand there in anticipation of another good joke. So then I give them the punch line. “Well, it’s because it’s the only jokes they can understand.” Then I start laughing! The look on their face is usually a Kodak moment as they stand there looking like, ‘Wow, she got a good one on me with that one!’

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that those jokes are not really against blondes, but rather unintelligent people in general. Being ‘a blonde’ can be referred to what I call being ‘a ditz’. I have seen people who fit this description with many different hair colors: blonde, black, red, brunette, and even gray.  Any hair color can have ‘a blonde moment’. Years ago, every ‘stupid’ joke included a Pollock, and I remember a few redhead jokes for a while. But for some reason, blondes have become associated with stupidity and it has stuck for quite some time now.

I also decided to not take offense at the blonde jokes just because I am blonde. I know I am not stupid, and neither are most blondes I know. Don’t underestimate what we can do 😉 . We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, online business owners, nurses, stay-at-home moms, and just about any occupation you can name. One thing about it, if I do or say something stupid, I can just laugh and say “Well, that was a blonde moment!” and laugh at myself.

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