Chances are, if you’ve been looking for work at home opportunities, you’ve run into some scams. It’s sad that this is the case, but there are a lot of people out there looking to take advantage of others so be careful. As a rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are legitimate work from home companies out there though. Here are a few for you to check out.


There are many tutoring sites online, and a lot of them hire tutors who work from home. Depending on the site, you may need a Bachelor’s degree or higher in order to qualify. Online tutoring is a great second job for teachers, and a great opportunity for educators who are temporarily out of work. Substitute teachers will find working for an online tutoring site a great way to supplement their income. Some of the work from home companies that hire tutors are, TutorVista and Educate Online.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Office Temps is one of the work from home companies that matches up qualified virtual assistants with jobs. This website offers jobs for people who do clerical work, administration, writing and editing, customer service, website creation and other tasks. It’s free to sign up but you have to pass a series of tests to prove that you have the required skills.

Mystery Shopping

You probably think that these are all scams, but that’s not the case. There are legitimate work from home companies that will pay you to buy a meal at a fast food restaurant or visit a local discount store. You may or may not have to make a purchase in order to get paid, but there will be some sort of questionnaire that must be filled out. The mystery shopper rates the cleanliness of the store, friendliness of employees and other factors requested by the store owners. The Job Slinger website allows you to search for mystery shopping jobs near your home. You might be surprised to see how many there are. You’ll have a hard time finding enough jobs to do this full-time but mystery shopping can provide a nice second revenue stream.

“Work at Home” typing is the perfect occupation for those who need a secondary stream of income, yet are confined to the house for some reason or another. Typing from home is classified as “telecommuting” which is another way to say working straight from home via the internet. The daily commute to-and-from work is replaced by telecommunication, which is attractive to those who don’t feel like having a very “formalized” secondary job. A fair amount of telecommuters are WAH (Work At Home) Parents who cannot accommodate a 9-to-5 work schedule, generally because of preoccupations with either children or another job.

There are a host of websites that cater specifically to WAH typists, notably,,, and a host of others. Freelance writing, while not exactly “pure typing” is a growing industry. Online companies such as,, and are just some of the sites out there currently paying Work At Home writers.

The confusion that sometimes occurs with many typist hopefuls is that they often assume workloads will be lighter, breaks will be whenever one desires it, and that everything is easier overall. The truth of the matter is that those who make “good” money put in a “good” amount of work, and those who don’t take the jobs seriously will be paid low (even below minimum wage). Companies consider this another form of employment,

The WAH arrangement is growing rapidly, with 17.2 million people telecommuting part-time already. 2.5 million employees worked from home as a primary source of income in 2009, while projections indicate that public sector WAH jobs will increase by 65 percent in three years. The private sector, which is often less motivated by employee budget concerns, is only increasing 33 percent in the next 3 years. Regardless, the Work At Home setup seems to be gaining major ground in both sectors of the economy.

Work at home typing is, often, the best way to generate a second source of income straight from the house. While there is a particular skill set involved, the vast majority of people will be able to master WAH typist jobs with time and dedication. Losses from gas, productivity, and convenience are nonexistent with telecommuting jobs, to include typist employment. The communication skills learned through typing at home can be taken to any job there afterward, as many service industries desire an employee that can effectively communicate with potential customers.

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