One of possible (and often used) ways of bloggers – is teaching activities: coaching, courses, lessons, trainings, lectures, etc. This is a logical scheme – if you can do something, you know how to do better than others, or simply if know how to do, teach other. Coaching allows a blogger reach the new level, means move to a new stage for the blog, and arises a new wave of interest.

How best to organize courses in your blog if you have decided on such an event?

Before you begin: identify the prospects of working with clients. Think about what your customers want. Compose your knowledge on the subject, as well as the achievements which you can attract customers.

How to organize?

Lessons – is the need to communicate with many people, long hours and in real time. The form of your classes may be different: conferences, lectures, video tutorials, etc. Each type requires its own funds of the organization. But some are necessary for any type:

– Separate e-mail address (this is easier than to use your primary – no need to look for the letters with a note of the daily, in addition, many people forget to put marks).

– Skype (the possibility of rapid communication around the world).

– Programs auto responders for sending out and classification of letters(such as aweber, Smart Responder,), as well as programs for the organization of paid membership on your site (for example, wishlistproducts – works at PayPal).

Organize a referral system – bonuses for those who attract new customers. Create forum where you can discuss your work – this is useful for regular customers and can attract newcomers.

When announcing the lectures, bet on two concepts – the exclusive and express: first, your course should not contain trite theses, known to everyone, and secondly, the course should be brief.

Collect advices: ask for specifications at your students. Write about the results that your clients have achieved. Create affiliate programs and reward referrals.

The Internet today has become a place to entertain, to work and to earn money. No wonder reputable blogging software is in demand very much. But having a site is not enough, one should learn about add moneymaking features to blogs. If everything is done properly, you will start receiving your extra income. Though keep in mind the Internet is developing very quickly so don’t stop on the top, make use of different technologies like create blog posts using RSS feeds and others, and you will achieve your success.

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