The concept of content being king still applies to Internet marketing today. You can bill a fantastic website, with fancy graphics, but if it lacks unique content, that is helpful, it really does not serve a purpose.

Unique content is very important to search engines. Over a period of time you can build a content website that ranks very high in the search engines.

If you ask any successful Internet marketer, who has a website that has been around for a while, they will confirm that fresh content is an excellent source of website traffic.

I know from personal experience that targeting keyword phrases is a great way to develop content. It’s also an excellent way to get your website ranked in the search engines and drive unbelievable amounts of traffic every day.

The great thing about this approach is the amount long term traffic that comes from unique content. There are a couple of ways I have found that continue to work very well including blogging and article marketing

1. Create blog articles around targeted keyword phrases. Post an article on your blog and then bookmark it into social directories using a tool such as

Be consistent in how you do this. Over time you will have a very solid blog that search engines love, and people look forward to reading.

2. Write 400 word articles and submit them to online directories. I personally use Submit Your Article and create unique versions of my articles before submitting them to article directories.

It is interesting that search engines will rank an article from an article directory in their results. However, this is also an excellent way to target keyword phrases in your resource box and develop relevant backlinks around them.

Hyperlink your keyword phrase to a web page that is built around the same keyword phrase. This could be your home page or a web page you deep link to.

3. Create article videos by using an article video converter. I use Article Video Robot to take articles I have written and turn them into videos.

This is very easy to do and does not require any technical experience. You should then submit your new video to shared video sites such as You Tube.

This is another very good use of the articles you write. Google owns You Tube and is more than happy to rank your video in their search engine results. Be sure and get your keyword phrase in the title and description before you submit it.

Content will continue to be king as long as search engines rely on it to deliver the best results to their searchers. As an Internet marketer the a faster you master this concept the better off you will be.

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