If you are looking into making money with paid surveys, you are likely to come across offers of free legitimate paid survey directories. Remembering TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!) you are likely to ask yourself, “Are these really real? How can they be free? What’s in it for the one making the offer?”

Good questions. A little caution can be a good and necessary thing.

You can divide survey makers, those companies who make legitimate paid surveys, into three categories: straightforward, indirect (smoke and mirrors) and devious imitators.

1. Straightforward. Legitimate surveys, compensate participants with cash, points that can be redeemed for cash or valuable merchandise. If your goal is to make money, these are the ones (the only ones) that you want to deal with.

These make up about 30-35% of the 700+ survey makers in the U.S. and the 3,000+ worldwide.

2. Indirect (smoke and mirrors). Regular legitimate surveys, offer to compensate participants with drawings for possible future cash payouts, discounts on merchandise, and hearty handshakes. They promise much, deliver little. For those who want to make money, these are time-wasters. They make up 55-60% of survey makers.

3. Devious Imitators. “Surveys” aimed at products they sell, these are really sales companies in disguise, trying to look like legitimate survey makers. Their goal is to make money by selling you things or by selling your contact and demographic info to other sales companies.

To make money, you should strenuously avoid these pesky time wasters.

Those survey makers in group 1., above, have low turnover, get applicants from referrals and spend very little on advertising. Generally speaking, they do not have to recruit; people come to them.

Those survey makers in groups 2. and 3. have high turnover, have to spend money in advertising and offer to pay others to recruit for them. Their names are the ones that turn up on lists of free legitimate paid survey directories. Usually the ones promoting the list are getting paid for each new recruit.

Think about it. What is the interest of the purveyors of free legitimate paid survey directories? There is no incentive for them to see that you make money. There is every incentive for them to make money from recruiting you for whichever survey maker pays them the most.

The survey makers who pay for recruits naturally have even less money left to pay survey takers.

If you want to make money with paid surveys, avoid the “free legitimate paid survey directories”. Instead, go with a paid survey guide company. For a small membership fee they will share their list of good survey makers, those in group 1., above, with which you can make money.

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