The general strategy of Internet marketing at a stage “before the order“ consists in the maximum simplification of fulfillment of this action. Accordingly, it is not necessary to wait that the user will undertake any efforts to order the goods: it is necessary to build the site interface in order he didn’t reflect how to make it. Think of increase of convenience of a choice of the goods placing of additional buttons to “order” in different places of page, “lazy” registration without superfluous actions informing at each stage of the order what to do further – and you will see how conversion will start to grow.

In optimization sphere it is important to work not simply with the main page of a site but with everyone separately. Resource advancement on each concrete goods, even if there are some thousand tens units in their catalog will be good idea. Certainly, users by any rare inquiry will come to you a little – but almost each of them becomes your client.

One of the major moments of a choice of Internet shop for the user in the presence of a competition is an estimation of cost of delivery.

The Internet marketing often means work with various platforms like Yandex. Motivate the users to leave responses, to vote for your shop and to lift a rating. Hold feedback: the response from the goods can be important also for the site.

The signification of the goods.
The strategy of Internet marketing directed for work with bloggers should cause desire to put the reference on you. Creation of a widget for blogs like “a discount of day”, “the most interesting goods” will be good idea and also any other techniques encouraging users to put the reference on you.
A discount for the Internet shop goods.
If there is a difference in the price at purchase through real shop or through a network position it is positive instead of negative. For example, buying the ticket aboard the plane, you pay on 300 grivnas more at office of sales. For shop it would be possible to make on the contrary: to allow a discount for 300 grivnas at purchase through the Internet.

Fastening of an image.
Complex of Internet marketing assumes not only work with a site but also association of all actions from attraction of the client to an aftersales service in uniform strategy. If the user has left to you the information – use it unostentatiously to remind of yourself. Congratulations happy birthday, news about potentially interesting goods and other similar actions will be very good.

It is important not simply to sell the goods but to fix an image of your shop in order the client has returned again. Usually the question dares granting of a discount for the following order informing on an e-mail or sending of POS-materials together with the order.

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