– The site should be loaded in a current 3-4 seconds on average speed of connection. For increase of speed of loading of pages it is possible to use plug-in Yslow for Firefox, it gives advice about site optimization.

– The contact information should be in a readily available place, it is desirable on each page of a site. An optimum variant to place is way of communication with you.

– It is necessary to send letters to users when they add the order when download the program from a site (in cases of Internet shop of the software) when payment from them has arrived, when they subscribe for mailing, when are registered on a site and so on.

– Don’t force clients to be registered or log in on a site before order registration.

– Necessarily place goods photos on a site, it is desirable in several foreshortenings. And also don’t forget to place the detailed characteristic.

– Make convenient navigation, fast and qualitative search.

– Group the goods. For example, if you have electronics Internet shop it is better to group the goods in mission.

– Structure the information. The price of the goods, the characteristic, a photo, the reference to purchase should be in a visible place for users.

– Don’t hide the additional information. Necessarily at once specify, if in the price delivery cost, surtaxes or other expenses isn’t specified. The buyer should learn the final price long before order acknowledgement.

– Don’t use small prints on a site, not all possess ideal sight.

– The site should equally correctly loaded in all browsers and in different permissions.

– Use the contrast text. The black text on a white background is ideal, and here gray on blue will be heaviest to read.

– Watch safety of storage of the user data on the server. Choose as much as possible heavy password of logon of management of Internet shop. Provide reserve copying of all information. Very often there are cases of breaking of passwords and larceny of the information on clients. And still servers have property to break at the most inappropriate moment.

– Be not sprayed in directions. If you have electronics Internet shop it is not necessary to offer tourist accessories or automobile tires on the same site. It is better to create separate resources for each direction, it will be more effective.

– If the person fills the form on a site and has forgotten to enter any data after a page overload it is necessary to display the form filled with his data, don’t force the user to enter all information anew.

– Create informative page of a 404-error of loading.

– Offer users every possible ways of support of communication: a subscription to news or mailing, offer interesting corporate resources (for example, a blog), it is possible to give the reference to Twitter-account or group in Vkontakte. The main task is to be constant on communication with clients. An ideal variant is to receive email, the address or phone of the potential client. Then it is easier to finish the person to purchase.

– Also it is possible to offer users the best variant of purchase. It can be the offer of the price for any goods or an additional discount for acquisitions of the complementary goods. For example, discounts for acquisitions of several programs: 10 % at purchase of 3 programs and 20 % at purchase 4.

– Provide qualitative support. Operators should answer in the shortest terms. The client can choose simultaneously the goods on several resources and his final decision where to buy can depend on speed of reception of answers and politeness of the operator.

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