Years ago the webmaster world was extremely text based. This means the majority of websites, blogs, and other forms of web presences were mainly text rather than audio, video, or pictures. Now the online business world has been in a state of transformation where text is declining rapidly and other forms of content such as video are taking the spotlight. Even with all these types of content which in ways replace textual content there is no true replacement for written work. One of the biggest reasons text content is not leaving the net just yet is the search engines which run constantly indexing the web can only read text content, they can do nothing with video, audio, or pictures unless there is alternative text, titles, or a description. Even though search engines may not be able to read or understand these different types of content your traffic and readers will be able to enjoy your videos, audio, and pictures. The reason for creating a website or blog is to earn money online and satisfy your traffic so if you see a good response when adding other forms of content by all means keep up the content in whatever form works.

The only problem with adding videos to your online business is the price of a web cam or digital camera. I do not recommend using a phone’s video camera since videos for business purpose will usually last much longer than the normal personal video. If you want to create professional online videos for your website or blog it is important to purchase a decent web cam. If you are short on money then purchasing a cheaper model will work for a while until you can afford something more professional. It is very possible to buy a decent web cam for under a hundred dollars. For those who would like to shoot videos all over their city or wherever they go it would be best to purchase a digital video camera. These are a bit more expensive compared to web cams, but the freedoms they allow are worth it.

Once you have your web cam set up you don’t actually need to save the videos on your computer. I highly recommend setting up a account which will allow you to store an unlimited amount of videos and will do some of the promotion for you. The great thing about is when you create a video for success you will need to use free internet marketing techniques. Simple tasks such as link building will help the video itself rise within the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you would like your video to rise within itself then you need to promote your video on your web presence and ask readers to comment and like the video. When creating a video it will be your chance to show your face and personality to your readership. Try to make the videos funny, informative, and inspirational. Another important factor to the success of your video campaign is making sure you consistently produce videos. Your youtube subscribers and readers on your blog will want videos on a regular basis I recommend creating at least one video per week.

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