Who is Linda Dougherty?

Linda Dougherty is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She is an encourager, especially to women, to pursue their life dreams in all areas of their life, whether spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially. Linda was born in Superior, Nebraska, but only lived in that state for a few short months when her family moved south into Kansas. That is where she has remained since, and currently lives in the tiny town of Agra in north central Kansas. Linda attended school in Phillipsburg, Kansas and lived on a farm west of there most of her years while growing up.

College was not in Linda’s plans, so she got a job at a local utility company. Four and a half years later, after being swept off her feet by a former classmate from school, Linda married Daryl Dougherty and she left the job scene. Her greatest desire was to be a wife and mother. Her desire was fulfilled. Within seven years time, they were the proud parents of a 6–year old, a 4–year old, a 2–year old, and a newborn — ALL BOYS! Their sons, Dustin, Derek, Lance, and Layton continue to be a great source of pride and joy for her. That has also expanded as her family has grown to include a daughter–in–law and two grandchildren.

Linda has several passions that she pursues besides spending time with her family. She enjoys decorating cakes, doing genealogy, raising Beagles, spending time with her horses, and helping with the family business of Dougherty Construction. She also enjoys marketing online as a home based business and customer relations specialist. Being a stay–at–home mom and able to devote her life to her children while they were growing up let Linda live in her element. After the youngest left home for college, she started channeling those motherly gifts that she possesses towards assisting others, either in person or online. Linda is a great example when it comes to loving others, being a great mother and caregiver. She continues to be a nurturer and teacher for those who require it in pursuing their life dreams.