The Internet shop is ideal business – a little work in the beginning and then all goes the turn … Hundreds of Internet shops have been created thus with the zero budget, absence skill and work in real. How many from them have surrendered after some months having settled the budget or through absence of any positive results? Not one supplier of the software keeps in the market thanks to Internet shops which never have earned nothing. Let’s think what to make in order not to become one of failed sponsors of these firms.

One of the main ideas for Internet shop start is reduction of expenses to a minimum. The idea is the most correct but incorrectly interpreted can lead to that your business will be comprehended by accident. We will try to show examples of how not to allow to mislead themselves concentrating exclusively on the budget. We will play in designing of the simplified model of financial Internet shop which begins the activity. We will begin from a tracing of a background for these experiments.

We untwist our business with all gravity. First of all, we have 5000 dollars of the capital. Within the limits of very big simplification we assume that we have the given product in a warehouse and there are no problems with its reproduction.
For cleanliness of conscience it is possible to assume that the budget was originally 1000 dollars and all this sum constantly is in the goods. We dare to intend the capital on wider activity of shop, thus on the maintenance of our modest person, on what we define the budget in 200 dollars a month.

This specific “payment” allows to concentrate completely on activity untwisting on achievement of the best future, therefore, with enthusiasm looking in the future we give up work in real. Time received thus we will engage in favor of shop working over increase in quantity of visitors. Have worked a bit earlier creating an attractive content to involve our future clients in shop so it is possible to expect in the beginning to 2000 visitors in a month. Time spent for attraction of clients pays off bringing percent and in our game we can expect that the traffic will grow thanking 10 % a month. Knowing a little about electronic commerce and putting this knowledge into practice we expect moderate transformation of 1,5 % at the average order for the sum 30 dollars and we dream about enough attractive 20 %.

Observance of the minimum expenses is not always good idea in business. Such strategy seems good but it leads to that we cannot wait outcome of the work. Always it is necessary to consider some scenarios and to spend some experiments. Thanks to this article you probably will understand that having chosen a cheap variant you can lose pair of thousand standard units and also 10 months of the life.

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