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What makes you stand out as a business person? Is it business or marketing talent? Do you need to be luckier than other business people? Do you need to do the right investments? All these questions are easy to answer: yes, of course there are many different things that play their part. But in the end, what really matters is who you are as an entrepreneur and what you do for your business. In this article you will receive more insight in the mindset of a top entrepreneur. Therefore I will illustrate each component of my dynamic model and explain how top entrepreneurs succeed to build multiple businesses.


A business always starts with an idea that has been created in someone’s mind. Top entrepreneurs challenge themselves constantly by looking for new ways to market their business or by launching new ideas, products or services. Thoughts are interchangeable; therefore it’s important to be able to consult a team of experts. Useful market research can also be done on your potential customers. Based on the outcome of these results, you’re able to adjust your ideas, business strategies, products or services.


Have you ever dreamed of being the one who people consult for more information about the sort of business you’re in? If you dream of having a successful business, you will constantly need to feed your mind with useful information. The constant input of knowledge on specific business areas will turn you into an all-round expert. Keep in mind that people find experts trustworthy and therefore experts are always one step ahead of their competitors. Other important components of expertise building strategies are public speaking skills (become a keynote speaker), your social network (people have to know who you are), communication skills (nobody knows about you if you don’t open your mouth) and marketing strategies (on- and offline). If you’re a business owner who loves socialising and you’re able to display your expertise when people ask for your professional opinion, potential clients are more likely to be interested in your activities. You can socialise in our modern days through many different kinds of media channels: video marketing, article marketing, social network sites… the options are unlimited these days. For example: when you optimized your website and your online marketing strategy, potential customers will get in touch with you automatically. This non-stop lead generating system will sustain itself if you’re motivated to retrain and re-educate constantly. If you keep delivering usable content, your sales numbers will increase infinitely.


The other important aspect of your lifestyle as a business expert is motivation. This clearly doesn’t need a lot of explanation. People who see their business as something precious to live for will be more motivated and will also have more motivated employees and business partners. Furthermore, the way you approach your own business always influences your potential customers. If you’re a happy and proud business owner, you’re more likely to attract more clients and also happier clients.


No man or woman in history who started his or her business from scratch has ever become a millionaire without planning and carrying out those plans. This seems very logical, but it’s a fact that many business owners never get beyond the dream stage. They never managed to overcome the first hurdles and got stuck in working their business at least 10 hours a day. Do you want to be a slave of your own business? Or do you really want to succeed as a business person? Successful business people are high performers who surround themselves with other high performers. The ultimate goal for every entrepreneur should be to get this far that your business can run perfectly without you being physically present. Once you achieved that, you can start to create new ideas, set new goals and challenges and eventually initiate new businesses. That’s also the reason why some top entrepreneurs manage to build several businesses that generate multiple income streams. It’s advisable to expand your business activities in a similar niche, so that your different businesses form a partnership. A partnership will reduce the costs, create the same customers and as a result it will be easier to compete with other companies. For example, if you’re a contractor, you could decide to set up a company that produces building materials.

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