Having your own online business is very exciting. There are many things to be said for owning your own business, and being able to do it online is even better. Just think…….
1. No driving to the job – saving you time and gas money!
2. No driving to work on icy roads, in the fog or rain, or being stuck in traffic jams!
3. No circling through the parking lot to find a place to park!
4. Not being around sick people in the office during cold and flu season!
5. Not having to work around other people’s vacation days in order for you to take your own!
6. Being able to take a coffee break whenever and however long you want!
7. Being able to take a nap without making the boss mad!
8. Not having to spend money on clothes to fit the office scene – wear jeans and t-shirt, sweats, or your pajamas instead!
9. No more alarm clocks – except to maybe get the kids off to school! Then go back to bed if you want:)
10. Being able to stay at home with the kids or babysit grandkids (depending on your situation)!
11. Being able to multi-task: work online, do laundry, cook dinner – all while at the same office building – HOME!
12. Being able to get the help you need online or by phone from the people you are in business with who will mentor you to help you succeed.
This is the kind of business I found. I knew these online businesses were out there, but what I hadn’t done was find the right match until now. After reading through this list, you might agree with any of these dozen reasons for having your own online business.


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