Actually it was a work from home opportunity that took divorce off the table so life has gotten a whole lot better.

A few years ago I had a recurring dream where I had a work from home job, was my own boss, even had a great and happy marriage. How depressing it was to wake up most days and have to face the reality of my life.

I was in my mid forties, 60 pounds over-weight and had already had one heart attack that wasn’t fixable. Oh yeah my marriage was going down hill fast. I didn’t even want to get out of bed most days.

One night after my wife went to bed I started looking online to see if there was a way to make money on the Internet.

I saw a few things that got me excited but I needed a website. So I was just about to put that work from home idea to bed but started wondering how hard it would be to create a website.

I decided to give it a try and started using free HTML tutorials. It didn’t take me long to build my first website. I have to say I was very proud of what I had accomplished. Little did I realize that learning how to make a website would change our lives, for the better.

Idea #1 – Designing Web Sites

My website wasn’t fancy but it looked good and was clean so I had to show my friends what I had learned to do. That started a process that still blows me away.

Even though they all said they liked it wasn’t 100 percent sure. They told a few of their freinds to check out my page and a day or two later I got a phone call asking if I would create a website for a local business.

At first I thought it was a joke but it wasn’t and I did my first work from home job as a website creator guy. I made a whole lot more money than my day job paid and I had a lot of fun.

I had no over-head so that guy got a great deal and I was certainly happy with the money I made.

Of course they showed their new website to everyone they knew. Almost over night I was overwhelmed with phone calls from other small businesses.

Life just turned in our favour. Shortly after I quit my low paying day job and work from home to this very day.

Important Note: I found the key to my success was working locally because people shared with other people locally and my name got around quickly.

Idea #2 – Typing – Data Entry – Transcription – Translation

Of course this work from home idea isn’t for everyone. I can type and do good enough to run my business but don’t have the speed or accuracy for this work from home opportunity.

However if you have good typing skills meaning you’re fast and make few mistakes you are capable of making great money working from your home, even part time.

Idea #3 – Selling on Ebay As A Work From Home Job

I read about using Ebay to make money online about 5 years ago. It was awesome and was a lot of fun. I will admit I was very nervous about trying sell something on Ebay but that wore off right after my first sale.

The article read something like: “Go through your house, top to bottom, including the attic if you have one. Making sure you get the attic, basement and garage if you have one.

Find anything that you don’t use or want any longer. Focus on things that are in good condition so you don’t get refund requests.

Now go sell them on Ebay.”

I don’t remember how many things we found but I learned how to setup an Ebay account and put up the first thing we wanted to sell and waited. That’s when my nerves settled down. The item sold, we shipped it and no refund request. So cool.

From there we started listing and they continued to sell. Selling on Ebay was a lot of fun, we made a pile of money too. A work from home job selling on Ebay is a bit addictive but something that worth doing in your sparetime to start.

I packed things well and never had a single refund request.

When we sold everything we had it was a bit of a let down. It was spring at the time and yard sales were starting up so we hit a few, bought some stuff and sold it on Ebay.

That was a lot of fun and perhaps something you would like. I wish the best and have fun with it.

If you don’t know what to charge just look through Ebay and see what others are charging for similar items. It was basically as easy as that.

Idea #4 – Blogging, Affiliate Marketing And Your Hobbies

This work from home job isn’t really a job to me at all it’s fun because it’s about my hobbies and interests. It’s not very often that I find it hard to come up with stuff to write about when it comes to my hobbies. I could talk your ear off all day long actually.

I focus on hobbies I enjoy the most such as playing my guitar, fishing with friends, home gardening and even biking to mention a few.

Something I need to mention here is that I blog about hobbies I spend money on, which for me is most of them.

Hobbies that people spend money on obviously have the most potential for earning from your work from home job.

The next work from home idea fits right into blogging about hobbies.

Idea #5 – Doing Product Reviews With Your Work From Home Business

I promote products I can earn commission with, or affiliate programs related to my hobbies and interests. If you have hobbies you know how great it is to learn new things about your hobby. I use that to make money online.

Think about fishing for example. Fishing is a hobby or interest enjoyed by millions of people. I share fishing tips and tricks from my fishing trips. So actually my work from home job really doesn’t even have to be at home. Let’s go fishing.

Pictures, videos and articles all work together to help me make money through affiliate marketing products based around my hobbies. And fishing is just one of my hobbies.

In conclusion

A work from home idea like the one mentioned here only take a short time to implement. I would advise setting aside a specific amount of time to work your work from home idea and then stick to that schedule for best results. You will be much more efficient.

When I first started my work from home business I had my wife and son walking in on me all the time. Something that should take an hour would take two hours. I had to set some rules so I could work uninterrupted.

It took a few reminders but now I get things done much faster and then I’m out of the office.

Work from home ideas are almost unlimited so I would suggest you join Clickbank. Be sure you look at the Clickbank Marketplace while your on the site.

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