Internet shop creation is a first step of business. To force it to work and bring in incomes is the main problem of many people. The most important ability in Internet business is to be engaged in that business which you know and which you like. I would never begin to sell marks or accessories because I do not understand anything in them. It is important by what principle you create Internet shop (through partner system, with direct sales, regional representation), it is important that you understood the goods. So, after start of the project of shop, it is necessary to make 5 simple steps in order the clients want to buy from you.

1. Correctly issue goods card
In goods card characteristics, some photos, advantages before others and, attention, goods lacks should be specified. If you are fair with the buyer he with pleasure will visit your shop once again and will recommend it to his friends. Possibility to leave responses about the goods, the real information on presence in a warehouse and instructions on the similar goods with the same properties will be plus.

2. Prompt to the client
Try to place on the main page some interesting or useful prizes. If the client knows from what to make a start, quickly enough he can make the choice and make purchase having pleased you with the first earnings. It is not necessary to try to “push through” the most expensive or stale goods, offer what actually is interesting in your branch.

3. Register guarantees
Your buyers should be assured that buying from you the goods they can count on their serviceability and quality. Provide the refund mechanism. Under the law the consumer can return the goods in a current 2 weeks after its reception. Certainly, you will lose a quantity of the incomes but thus will add in reputation.

4. Offer the client free services
Various consultations, possibility of free delivery and installation at defined order cost. It is possible to allocate the separate person who will be engaged in work with your clients.

The big assortment is not very good choice.
On the first steams it is not necessary to involve buyers with huge assortment and to try to untwist all positions of shop. Allocate 3-4 commodity positions which you will actively untwist. Write articles, press releases, work with forums and blogs, arrange competitions. Your problem is that the created shop associated with these 3-4 goods, and the rest will be tightened then.
It is not necessary to try to involve the people with cut price.
If you have the Internet shop constantly watch goods presence. Otherwise there can be a situation that your manager “has already processed” the client and actually the goods aren’t present. The reputation about your shop will scatter at once on all corners of the Internet.

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