Already a lot is written much about lacks of Internet shops and about the moments dangerous to business and misses of their owners. It, certainly, is very useful, but also there are useful also the short instructions helping quickly and for a long time to remember the most important. I want to offer such instruction.
1. Your site should be fast.
Even not simply fast but lightning. If you don’t trade in any most unique goods some Internet shops are engaged in the same still. Also remember that at them sales can go faster and better only because their site is faster than yours. Internet users hate to wait even superfluous two seconds.

2. Your site should be active.
Constantly to be updated, offer buyers new decisions in order to have reliable feedback.
And also don’t forget about direct appeals to action on pages of your site. Buttons to “buy”, “order”, “to issue the order” and having other similar names wonders work. They only need to be appreciable and attractive so take care of it.

3. Your site should be laconic.
Simplicity is the keystone to success. On your site people who don’t want complexities come and want to simplify all as much as possible. Otherwise they would go behind the thing necessary to them on other end of the city. Or they need to receive quickly the goods because they haven’t enough time, or they want to receive it comfortably because they have the day off, a heap of free time and they want to relax and to compare easy, study, choose and buy the goods. Both that and simplicity is necessary to another.

So place the important information, and it must be compact and clear, but don’t litter a site with unnecessary texts and a verbal tinsel. The order system also should be as much as possible simple and convenient and fast, it is hardly probable not the most important thing because probability of that the buyer can be disappointed in your shop only at this stage and without feeling sorry for already spent time will run away.
4. Your site should be clear.
Speak a simple language with the client. Than it will be easier to him to use your services and the information will be more accessible, he will have more strongly desire to order what he wants.

5. Your site should be tidy.
And also lovely and cozy. Pleasant to an eye fonts and colors, pictures, the general tone and atmosphere — all it should be nice. So don’t neglect it. People love affability. On your site it should be pleasant to “hang” for some time in case of need or idle interest and it should be pleasant to come again also on it.
That’s all.

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