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The Invisible Work From Home Opportunity

How would you feel if you had been searching desperately for something, some magic solution to a problem, and come to find out it was right there in front of you the whole time– you just failed to see it?

For many searching for a way to work from home, this is exactly what they’re doing.

There is a common misconception out there that’s preventing a lot of people from realizing their dreams of working at home. Is it holding you back too?

Time and time again I hear this sentiment, “I don’t want to start a business. I just want to do clerical work for a company” or, “I see so many opportunities, but they’re all scams because they charge a fee”.

Now, before you say “well, isn’t that true? Shouldn’t there never be a fee?” realize that there is a big difference between a telecommute job offer and a business opportunity. And I hate to tell you this, but companies just don’t hire teleworkers to do clerical work for them. There are plenty of telecommute jobs out there, but they are for highly specialized skills that require specific training. If you have a knack for sales, there are no shortage of companies that will hire you to do cold-calling from your home office.

So, that leaves us with two options: To get the training that’s required for a telecommute job (programming courses at a local college, for example), or to start a home business.

For some reason, the idea of taking courses or going back to school is usually met with resistance. “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have time” are typical responses. But think of it this way: Your goal is to land a telecommute job. All telecommute jobs require specialized training or skills. Doesn’t it make sense to obtain the training that’s required for the job you want? Isn’t it worth investing in some classes if it means that you will be qualified for telecommute jobs?

Ok, so maybe you’re not interested in working in sales or becoming a programmer. The other option is to look at a business opportunity. This suggestion is not usually greeted with enthusiasm. And this really is the issue at hand: Why not a business opportunity?

This is where so many people overlook the chance to work from home; the idea that if an opportunity charges a fee, it’s a scam. It’s a common misconception that stands in the way of many a would-be home worker.

The truth is that almost all business opportunities require an investment. You can’t expect to start a business without some expenses, can you? The really exciting thing is that with the Internet, it’s possible to start out with a much smaller investment than in the brick-and-mortar world.

The important thing is to be able to discern the legitimate offer from the scams. There are some simple checkpoints that can help you to determine if a business opportunity is legitimate.

–First, look at the product. Is there a product? There should be. The Federal Trade Commission considers a company to be crossing the line into pyramid scheme territory when all marketing efforts are geared toward getting others to sign up. There should be a focus on the product first, recruiting others should be secondary.

–Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been complaints filed and if so, how were they handled. Remember that it’s not out of the ordinary for a company to have had a few complaints. It’s whether or not they were resolved to the customer’s satisfaction that matters. Sometimes you have to get creative in order to find a company in their database. A search for ABC Widgets may turn up nothing, but a search for ABC Widgets, Inc. might result in a report. One of my favorite ways of finding alternate contact information for a company is to do a Whois lookup on the domain name. This gives you the contact information for the person who registered the domain. You can often get a phone number, street address or alternate company name that you can then plug into the BBB website. Keep in mind though, that sometimes companies will use a service to register the domain name. In that case, the company that registered the name will be listed.

–Do some research to see if there are any articles/discussions pertaining to the company in question. This can be useful in picking up news articles that could alert you to potential problems (ABC Company Hit With More Class-Action Suits!) or positive feedback (CEO Joe Owner Receives Award For His Company’s Philanthropic Achievements).

With effort and determination, work from home opportunities can be very lucrative. They can also be a stepping-stone to earning the extra money you need to take some courses or to finance your own start-up.

Give the invisible opportunity another look. It may be the key to your office at home.

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Real Online Writing Jobs

20 years ago if you would have asked someone how to make money from home, they would laugh in your face. Today people still do laugh, and there are many skeptics. Although at the same time there are many people who are already earning a good income online in many ways.

I have tried out many different ways; surveys, micro tasks, affiliate marketing, and all of them have failed for me. I’ve always been sort of bad at writing, but when I sat down and thought about it, I was in college for 4 years, and the whole time I was in college all I did was write essays. So I decided to give writing a chance to make a living online.

While I was looking for ways to work from home writing, I found all kinds of free places such as, constant content, and many others. The problem is they pay you nickels and dimes, yeah it adds up but still it’s so difficult to make a real living off of it. Well with a bit more work I found I went ahead and signed up; I immediately was able to get to work. The major difference between this place and other places I have tried to write online. Is I was really working from home writing, I was making real money, I started to earn money writing. It was an amazing feeling, now I do this for living every day, and I make a pretty good income personally. It’s a very simple to do, there is plenty of support, and you can earn some real money!

You can earn up to $100.00/ article and $500/story. That’s a good amount when usually I make about 10 dollars per article. Although writing articles and stories aren’t the only money making opportunities that offers you. You can get $25-$40 an hour just to input you suggestion and help improve books, and movie scripts! You can gain $25-$50 dollars simply for a blog or sometimes just to post on someone’s blog! Yeah this is real money, it’s no joke. This won’t make you rich, but it will give you a good income, and let you enjoy your life working from home.

I’m just telling you this is one of the ways I make money, if you don’t believe me and want to walk away thinking it’s a scam good! Go ahead walk away, because the less people who work for this company, the more opportunities for me to make money, and I don’t pass up any opportunities. I’m going to give you that link one more time, and if you still choose not to do it, I’ll take the jobs and money you could have earned and put it into my bank account.

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5 Tricks To Make Your Home Business A Successful Internet Business

Monetization is ultimately the most important thing any home business must do if they want to succeed online. However, to get to the point where people purchase from you is a little more tricky.

In this article let’s go over a few things you can do to make your business a successful online home business.

1. Conrol your advertising costs. You have to drive traffic to your website before you can sell them anything.

This is not as easy as it might sound because there are so many different ways to promote an Internet business. I suggest you start by mastering one traffic generation skill before moving on to another one.

If you want to get traffic right away, and have some money to spend, pay per click advertising is the way to go. Google Adwords will get you on page 1 of Google for your targeted keyword phrases very quickly.

Yahoo Marketing and Bing Advertising are two other search engines you can promote on using paid advertising. These are little more cost effective than Google is.

If you are not working with any money article marketing is a good strategy to begin with. Writing and submitting articles to online article directories does not cost you any money.

You can expand on your article marketing by starting a blog. Write short blog articles and bookmark them to social directories using

2. Focus on providing useful information. Generally people come online for information as opposed to specifically looking to purchase something.

This gives you a chance to make your website helpful by providing the type of information they are searching for. You do this by creating web pages around targeted keyword phrases that people are using search engines for.

You also provide useful information in other ways such as video marketing, article marketing, blogging, social networking, email marketing, and so on. Over a period of time you can make your website very valuable to people coming online.

3. Limit what you sell. One mistake many Internet marketers make is they flood their website with too many products or services.

One trick to selling more online is to focus on a handful of product you really believe in. If you limit the number of products you sell to two or three per website the amount of sales you make will increase.

4. Use graphics. Having pictures of products you sell is very eye appealing to your website visitor. Be careful not to overuse the number of graphics on each page because it can slow down how long it takes that page to load causing your website visitor to leave more quickly.

5. Publish a free email newsletter. Give away something free to encourage your visitors to sign up for your free newsletter. Email marketing is a great way to make money online

Publish your home business newsletter on a weekly or monthly basis and really pack it with helpful information relating to the theme of your business. This will help brand you as an expert on what you sell, and encourage people to purchase from you as they begin to trust you.

These tricks are not theory. For many years now successful home business owners have created online businesses that make money by following these proven tips!

Work From Home – Working Nomad EBook Review

Back in August I wrote a post about Extreme Telecommuting and I introduced to you Anthony Page, The Working Nomad. He works from wherever his travels take him, which have been some very interesting places to work. As per his last blog post he’s now in Valencia, Spain.

He sells an eBook on his website and I bought it. He claims to be making $10,000 per month and the eBook shows you how to set up the same system for yourself. I’d promised you a review of it, so here it is…

The book is a step by step guide to how to create 5 income producing websites in 20 weeks. One thing I noticed right off was that while the book is very specific as far as the steps you take as well as the time line, Anthony allows for flexibility based on the readers’ experience level and the amount of time they’re willing to put into it.

The first few weeks are dedicated to the planning process. Anthony gives you specific information how to come up with ideas and where to look for inspiration. He also includes a checklist of what should have been accomplished that week.

Starting with week 5, you will start taking steps towards the creation of your websites, starting with selecting a domain name. He walks you through each step of actually creating the site, how to lay it out, etc. It’s definitely geared towards the beginner, but he presents the information in a very easy to grasp way.

“Nomad Mistakes” throughout the book are very helpful. He gives examples of mistakes that he made and why they didn’t work. This feature is something that definitely sets it apart from many other eBooks on similar topics. Not everyone is willing to lay bare their own bone-headed mistakes, but this really is very helpful to the beginner.

Side Note: It just occurred to me that I could write an entire eBook of all of the bone-headed mistakes I made as I was building my business. Hmm…I wonder if there would be a market for that?

Once you work through creating your site, Anthony takes you through the maze of web hosting and directory submission.

The next few chapters deal with site promotion, how to get links to your site and how to use affiliate programs to earn an income with the site.

Once you get your first site done, he walks you through the creation of the other sites– all of which are meant to generate income.

All in all, I feel that this eBook would be very useful to someone with limited or no experience with website creation and promotion. It’s an easy read and Anthony includes helpful resources throughout. The step by step format makes it almost a no-brainer to start work from home.

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A Dynamic Model To Become A Top Entrepreneur

Thoughts — Knowledge vs. Motivation — Actions

What makes you stand out as a business person? Is it business or marketing talent? Do you need to be luckier than other business people? Do you need to do the right investments? All these questions are easy to answer: yes, of course there are many different things that play their part. But in the end, what really matters is who you are as an entrepreneur and what you do for your business. In this article you will receive more insight in the mindset of a top entrepreneur. Therefore I will illustrate each component of my dynamic model and explain how top entrepreneurs succeed to build multiple businesses.


A business always starts with an idea that has been created in someone’s mind. Top entrepreneurs challenge themselves constantly by looking for new ways to market their business or by launching new ideas, products or services. Thoughts are interchangeable; therefore it’s important to be able to consult a team of experts. Useful market research can also be done on your potential customers. Based on the outcome of these results, you’re able to adjust your ideas, business strategies, products or services.


Have you ever dreamed of being the one who people consult for more information about the sort of business you’re in? If you dream of having a successful business, you will constantly need to feed your mind with useful information. The constant input of knowledge on specific business areas will turn you into an all-round expert. Keep in mind that people find experts trustworthy and therefore experts are always one step ahead of their competitors. Other important components of expertise building strategies are public speaking skills (become a keynote speaker), your social network (people have to know who you are), communication skills (nobody knows about you if you don’t open your mouth) and marketing strategies (on- and offline). If you’re a business owner who loves socialising and you’re able to display your expertise when people ask for your professional opinion, potential clients are more likely to be interested in your activities. You can socialise in our modern days through many different kinds of media channels: video marketing, article marketing, social network sites… the options are unlimited these days. For example: when you optimized your website and your online marketing strategy, potential customers will get in touch with you automatically. This non-stop lead generating system will sustain itself if you’re motivated to retrain and re-educate constantly. If you keep delivering usable content, your sales numbers will increase infinitely.


The other important aspect of your lifestyle as a business expert is motivation. This clearly doesn’t need a lot of explanation. People who see their business as something precious to live for will be more motivated and will also have more motivated employees and business partners. Furthermore, the way you approach your own business always influences your potential customers. If you’re a happy and proud business owner, you’re more likely to attract more clients and also happier clients.


No man or woman in history who started his or her business from scratch has ever become a millionaire without planning and carrying out those plans. This seems very logical, but it’s a fact that many business owners never get beyond the dream stage. They never managed to overcome the first hurdles and got stuck in working their business at least 10 hours a day. Do you want to be a slave of your own business? Or do you really want to succeed as a business person? Successful business people are high performers who surround themselves with other high performers. The ultimate goal for every entrepreneur should be to get this far that your business can run perfectly without you being physically present. Once you achieved that, you can start to create new ideas, set new goals and challenges and eventually initiate new businesses. That’s also the reason why some top entrepreneurs manage to build several businesses that generate multiple income streams. It’s advisable to expand your business activities in a similar niche, so that your different businesses form a partnership. A partnership will reduce the costs, create the same customers and as a result it will be easier to compete with other companies. For example, if you’re a contractor, you could decide to set up a company that produces building materials.

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