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Merry Christmas from the Dougherty Family!

The Doughertys

The Dougherty's

On behalf of the Dougherty Family we appreciate all of our loyal readers of this blog and wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas for 2009!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas then have a great and wonderful day today!

We have a lot of plans rolling out for the new year!  We hope to include you in them!

Let us know if we can be of any help to you!

Make it a Great Christmas!

– Linda Dougherty & Family

Comparing Online Businesses

Why are there so many options for online businesses today? How do you know who to trust? How do you know the business is not a scam?

People are turning to the Internet to build a business nowadays so they can work from home. Many are doing this as a part-time job – striving to either supplement or replace their regular income. There are also many stay-at-home moms or dads working online to help out financially from home. A person needs to research a business before becoming involved with it to make sure it is legitimate and not a scam. One must be very careful when researching a business to make sure the person(s) with a complaint about it doesn’t just have an axe to grind. That person may not have been dedicated enough to succeed, so they blame it on that business instead.

Some businesses require more of an investment than others. While some have a minimal investment, others have a higher investment. But the payback on that investment is also a big difference in comparison. It may take sponsoring and growing your organization to one thousand people with one company to have the same payback with one single sponsoring act in another program. If you are needing a quicker payback, this is one thing to compare closely.

Another difference in businesses can be the support and training offered. There should be a support system for the business with something like a back office that you can access 24/7/365. It is also a big plus if you have a team that will help train you in your venture. Will they answer your calls and emails? Do they have a weekly training you can attend either by phone or online webinar? Are they going to charge you for these trainings or let you attend for free? Does the company itself have a training program?

Hopefully the person or company is not using enticement to try and get you lured in. Some people give screen shots of their income log of payments from their company. Others show them opening Fed-Ex packages filled with stacks of cash or enormous checks. It’s just like with Hollywood – anything is possible. Those movies can be set up ahead of time, even if they say they aren’t. Enticement is actually against the law. So if people are using these tactics, please beware. What is produced for income by one person is not a guarantee for another person. It totally depends on you and what you are willing to invest in time.

One thing you can do is perform a Google search on the company and the person offering to sponsor you. When searching a person, there may be more than one person by that name. And that is okay if you can’t tell which one it is in particular – just so long as you can clarify that it’s not the one wanted for murder, or at least something you wouldn’t want involved in.

Don’t fall for the get-rich-quick schemes. If companies or people are proclaiming this, please use caution. Building a business takes time and effort. Some portray that all you have to do is perform a minute amount of work and then just set back and watch the dollars roll in. Only with very experienced marketers or online gurus is this likely to maybe happen.

I hope I have given some food for thought here for searching for an online business. Beware of those scammers who will usually prey on the sick, disabled, elderly, stay-at-home moms, low or no income families, and those without higher education. Don’t just jump in to something with both feet without using caution and doing some research first. Do your due diligence and check it all out before investing your time, effort, and money. If it doesn’t meet your requirements, look elsewhere till you can find one that does. And remember gut feelings are pretty accurate.