Do you sometimes feel like you’re worthless or your life doesn’t have any direction at all? Do you think you need to inspire yourself? Do you seek for guidance? Do you know which path to go to? Do you think you needed to talk to someone about your life? Well, if these questions tend to play in your head for quite some time then I guess it is about time for you to seek Dan Kuschell’s help.

Dan Kuschell was once a famous baseball player and he used his life experiences to come up with a company that would help mankind transform their life to attract prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Dan Kuschell’s Protege Program was born because at one point in his life, he was lost, especially after his baseball career ended – it seemed like he didn’t know where to go to. He has been spearheading workshops, seminars and other talks that would help confused people to actually change their outlooks in life. The company is named Prosperity Based Living and it aims to teach everyone about attracting the good things in life by following the Dan Kuschell’s program.

If you enroll yourself in the program, you will get The Getting Started Cd, 6 time-coded CDs: Seven Steps to Life, Health and Financial Mastery, the Action Guide for maximum retention, the Journal Program, the DVD Video: Communication Mastery, A Champion in the Making book, Walking With the Wise book, and a voucher towards $100 off our seminar or coaching program and all 13 items are yours when you place your order today. After religiously reading and checking out these guides, you will be amazed by the incredible wisdom and insights of master mentor Dan Kuschell as he will be showing ideas to help you in your life, your career and your relationships.